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PVC Flex Hose irrigation hose
Pool & Spa Hose  Irrigation Hose  
Pond & Waterscape Hose Pool & Spa Hose
Pond/Waterscape Hose    Non Reinforced PVC Tubing
Reinforced Hose & Tubing Electrical PVC Conduit
Coming Soon Industrial Hose
Pool & Spa Hose marinehose
Jetted Bath Tubing Marine Hose
vargrip marinehose
VarGrip Spa Hose IAPMO Certification
Certified to NSF/ANSI 50 by IAPMO Contacts Us

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Vartek is recognized as the industry's leading manufacturer of PVC hose, supplying its customers with the highest quality products in each of the markets we serve. Vartek produces its products on the most technologically advanced equipment available by a dedicated and experienced work force. Our hose constructions provide the smoothest interior and exterior of any manufacturer and our dimensional tolerance capabilities are the tightest in North America.


Please contact us for your hose and tubing needs at Info@VartekLLC.com