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Vartek is a manufacturer of PVC Flexible Hose and Tubing. Though the companies history is relatively young, as it was established in 2005, the owners and employees bring forth over 150 years of combined experience in hose and tubing extrusion, in reinforced and non-reinforced products manufactured from PVC, PE, PU, TPR, Rubber, etc. Aside from Hose and Tubing, we are also well versed in fittings both plastic and metal. The markets our extruded products currently serve are Construction,Electrical, Industrial, Irrigation, Landscape, Marine, Medical, Pool, Spa, & Suction. Most of our PVC Hose and Tubings are readily available in our warehouses located in Tampa, Florida; Portland, OR, & San Diego, CA areas. We sell our products all over North America as well as export our products all over the world. Aside from our commodity products we also work closely with our customers to custom design a product that may need to meet a particular size, certification, construction and material.

The state of the art equipment in our production facility allows us to maintain our exacting quality. We monitor all aspects of helical reinforced PVC hoses, such as OD, ID, Wall, Helical shape and dimensions, etc. Our non-reinforced tubing’s are measured for concentricity, ID, OD, Wall, etc. We maintain the tightest tolerances in the industries we serve. We package all of our products to be ready for use upon arrival, but we can also meet most packaging requirements such as custom lengths, boxed products, wrapped coils, etc. all based on our customers needs and desires.

We believe that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.